Welcome to Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods is an Australia-wide company focused on meeting the growing demand for healthy, ethical plant-based products nationally. We do this by sourcing high quality local and imported products, and supplying them to restaurants, cafes and food retailers at the lowest possible prices. We also offer direct-to-customer shipping in areas outside our current retailer network.

Why are more and more Australians choosing Plant-Based lifestyles?

Australians are increasingly alive to the multiple benefits of choosing the plant-based option in their daily lives. From health and nutrition to sustainability, food security and ethics, the reasons are compelling. New reports regularly highlight the importance of lifestyle factors in disease prevention. As Australians realise the benefits for their own health, we also hear increasingly urgent calls for diet change for the sake of the environment. Alongside this, exposés showing how food animals are treated are convincing many Australians to move towards plant-based living. Read more about these trends in our section on plant-based eating.